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Endorsement of the Holy Shroud by Popes

The Holy Shroud is Almighty God talking to modern humanity in a language they can understand. More than 30 Popes have expressed confidence in the authenticity of the Holy Shroud, and many have urged a devotion to the Holy Face of Jesus.

Pope Pius IX

Said “This salutary reparation to the Holy Face of Jesus is a divine work, destined to save modern society.”

Pope St. Pius X

Expressed the desire that it be venerated in the homes of all Christian families.

Pope Pius XI

Gave pictures of the Holy Face from the Shroud to youths saying: “They are the pictures of the Divine Son of Mary; they come, in fact, from that object known as the Shroud of Turin; still mysterious, but certainly not the work of any human hand.”

Pope Pius XII

Asked to spread knowledge and veneration of so great and sacred a Relic. Established the Feast of the Holy Face on Shrove Tuesday.

Pope John XXIII

On seeing the Relic, said, “This can only be the Lord's own doing.”

Pope Paul VI

Praised the Holy Shroud saying, “Perhaps only the Image from the Holy Shroud reveals to us something of the human and divine personality of Christ.”

Blessings and indulgences have been placed by the Papal Magisterium on devotion to the Holy Face, never to be taken away due to the importance of this devotion.

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