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Veronica's Veil

The Holy Face of Jesus from the image on Veronica's veil, said to be the cloth used  by Saint Veronica to wipe the face of Christ during His Passion. Our Lord specifically mentioned Veronica's act of compassion and reverence when he made ten promises to Sister Marie of Saint Peter.

The following is a painting of Veronica's veil, now kept in St Peter's Basilica, Rome. 

The imagery of the Turin shroud only became accessible with the advent of photography, whereby the negative image of the shroud clearly showed the face that millions believe to be the face of Christ.  Prior to this, the image of Veronica's Veil was the only 'true' depiction of Christ's face available.  This image, or another painting of Veronica's Veil, would probably have been used by Sister Marie of St Peter as part of the devotion to the Holy Face which Our Lord asked her to establish.


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